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Kill La Nuzlocke Contest: Nina Aarden - TWO STAR by ky-nim Kill La Nuzlocke Contest: Nina Aarden - TWO STAR by ky-nim
My entry for a KLK/Nuzlocke Contest thing you should check out HERE

Descriptions may be subject to minor changes


Nuzlocker name: Nina Jade Aarden

Nuzlocke in: Myths of Unova

Personality Bio: Nina Aarden is a somewhat short-tempered by well meaning Pokemon trainer who just started her Pokemon journey in Unova. Like her mother Kynim, she does like to deal with some of her problems with violence and can be stubborn to a fault; but she genuine cares about her friends (and family?) and will listen. If she decides that a person is not worth paying attention to (i.e. N), she will shut them out...or try to. Despite some bad fights with her mother, Nina has a good relationship with her father and has inherited his love for mining, fossils, and the like.

Club President: Mining

Powers and Abilities:
Weapon - Mining Pickaxe: A simple Life-Fiber infused pickaxe that can be used as a mining tool or a weapon. The handle can change lengths so that the wielder can also use the pickaxe as a scythe/glaive-like weapon for better range.

Weapon - Augmented Gloves: Life-Fiber infused gloves that gives more strength to the wielder's hands. Usually this is worn by Nina to help carry the pickaxe more easily but it can also be used to during close-range combat.

Weapon - Mini-mining Toolkit: In her bag, there are misc small tools that can be used for delicate excavation projects or be thrown as sharp projectiles (shown 2x scale at left)

Ability - Magnitude: Nina can create earthquakes/fissures by slamming the pickaxe onto the ground. Insert Jordan joke here lol? The strength of the attack varies depending on the user's emotions (i.e. anger, confidence, etc)

General Misc: Wearing the uniform grants Nina more strength and speed (and maybe more traction as far as the boots go). The degree of strength and speed can be assessed by the helix fossil sign on her back (the stronger she is, the stronger it glows? If there is no power, it reverts to plain white like the rest of the jacket). As for weaknesses, her attacks tend to be weaker when she is doubtful aka becoming not as confident about her abilities or being manipulating her emotionally prior to/during a fight gives the opponent a huge advantage.

Reasoning for Powers and Abilities: 
I picked the mining theme for Nina since I showed in a few comic scenes that she shares similar interests with her father, who is a big miner/fossil enthusiast (and I added the Helix fossil thing just for kicks). But instead of having a shovel or another benign looking mining/digging tool (i.e. Byron has a shovel in his official art), I picked a pickaxe for her since she is not always kind. Like the giant pickaxe, the gloves are also life-fiber weapons - KINDA similar to those that the Boxing Clubc President wears in the show - since she does like to use her hands to solve problems (may it be through a proper Pokemon battle or to beat someone up). Finally, the cracked helmet is supposed to represent a bit of her recklessness since Nina is a good battler but might go headfirst into certain situations without assessing everything properly. 

As for her ability, I kinda picked it since it is earth-based. Since Nina does lash out when angered/hurt/etc, it seemed logical that her attacks would get stronger the more emotionally driven she is.

FYI, I considered making her a 3 star uniform person but Nina is not really the type to take on a lot of responsibility. Also I got no time for making Regalia designs lol
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Csp499 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ye know, I never have seen that series all the way through, but this contest looks like it would've been fun. Neat character design, to boot.
Pokekid963 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Oh my gosh I can't stop being amazed
Ze-Saol Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2014  New member Student Writer
wish I knew about this contest before it was too late T^T
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AWESOME :3 Considering I just also just got into kill la kill (and also currently catching up on your work >w<)
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