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I love your lore but I was also partial to artist!Black's interpretation so I came to an internal compromise that is also a suggestion 

what if the more well known version of the myth as well as the source of moniker of 'hero' is actually the tale of the second manifestation in which 100 years after the harmonia family fades and people started to forget the stories, the stones were stumbled upon by two playing children; a brother and a sister. The two children, ignorant of the stories, take the shining stones as good luck charms. The tomboy elder sister took the black one and the shy younger brother took the white.
over time, the children's appearances changed slightly. The fairer haired boy's hair grew out white by the age of 15 while the girl's brown hair darkened to a shade nearly indistinguishable from black. In addition, (half-joking) the influence of the original kings caused the siblings' tastes to change somewhat. The younger found himself in situations and having thoughts that he considered befudlingly unbefitting him (and his sex) while the elder's strong personality allowed her romantic interests to bend but not to break(end of half-joking). And of course, their eyes changed. The brother gained sky blue eyes that became known for the calm, kind, perhaps almost carefree nature they seemed to possess while the sister's became a harsh red that seemed almost mercurial in the way they bounced between anger, interest, outright fascination, and blurred with dreams of what might be(I feel like I'm describing Oda Nobunaga).
as they left behind childhood, their charisma drew many to follow them. The boy drew followers slowly, for though he was benevolent and devoted to being just, he was slow to change and had difficulty dealing with un-salvageable or outdated systems and issues. The girl, on the other hand, lost followers quickly with her mercurial temperament, hasty judgments, and and difficulty maintaining her improvements but gained followers just as quickly if not faster thanks to her amazing and revolutionary ideas along with her incredibly inspiring and boldly charismatic way of speaking and her unshakeable conviction to see them through(yep, definitely getting an Oda vibe here).
though complementary to one another, their wildly different personalities chafed against each other and a lack of quality communication allowed resentments to fester and grow. These resentments came to a head when both of the fell in love with and were rejected by the same person. This person was among the last of the Perigia family who were descended from an illegitimate child of the Harmonia family several generations before the twin kings. Each knowing of the other's interest, both siblings, who had both long pined for this person, assumed they had been rejected for the other. They lashed at each other in rage, and in response their stones awoke and the land was plunged into turmoil once more.

so what do you think? I'd love to have feedback on this idea and would be positively ecstatic to see you use parts of it in your nuzlocke.
ky-nim Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2015   Digital Artist
At this point I already planned all the details in my run so these details are probably not going to be incorporated.

Interesting idea though. You should make something out of it.
Somehow the use of the word incorporated over a similar word makes me smile

its kind of a struggle since I'm not an artist and I'm not a technically gifted writer but I just love lore of all kinds... Unless the lore is just terrible but that's typically a given

i just realized that whole wall of text has that same kind of watercolor storybook feeling as your last video

anyway sorry for the wall(s) of text
XxMomo-S-KokoroxX Featured By Owner Edited Jul 18, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your Nuzlocke inspired me to create my own Nuzlocke I just restarted my Pokemon Black game for this very reason, after transferring all my Pokemon to Pokemon X and Y.... I cheated XP.

My name is Kieli

And my team is

Ross - Dewott- male- level 21

Ashni -Blitzle - female- level 19   {{I hope I did not just give you the feels!}}

Missy -Purrloin -female- level 17

Sapphira -Cottonee -female - level 19

And yesterday...well I had my first faint/death....

Rest in Peace Vulkner the Pansear level 10-17    

You will never be forgotten... and I will look for that Team Plasma member, find that team plasma member, and wreck the son of a bitch and his Sandile >: (

I shipped Missy and Vulkner so.....yeah double the ouchie.
Owlbearhugs Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I really like this comic, it inspired me to try to lock down my new pokemon x game. *Only thing I changed was I traded my starter for an Eevee cause I always wanted an eevee leader game.  Its hard on me because there are types of pokemon I am not used to. I lost Greg the Bunnyby last night to the Professor squirtal's water gun crit. Rookie mistake may your rest in peace Greg, I am sorry.
ky-nim Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2015   Digital Artist

Good luck! And sorry to hear about Greg.
mylesmoose Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2015
Just signed up because I wanted to tell you great job with the comics. I really enjoy how you have made the characters and am looking forward to see where everything goes (I'm only on 22 but I don't think it will take too long to catch up =). What program do you use to make your fonts?
ky-nim Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2015   Digital Artist
Ahhh thank you! Hope you enjoy the rest of the comics! And I used FontCreator and Inkscape
shadowalex3000 Featured By Owner May 26, 2015
First of all, fantastic comic. I randomly discovered this on a train to NYC, and just read it on my phone (was around Dec 27th so not sure what # it was up too).

Secondly, if you do plan to do a B2W2 Nuzlocke, will you make the main character a cousin of Nina?
ky-nim Featured By Owner May 26, 2015   Digital Artist
Ah thank you!

I make no promises about the bw2 run
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